Fall & Winter ▪ Landscape Final Preparations

Fall_Landscape_PreperationsIt is early November. The leaves are falling and so are the temperatures. There is little time remaining in which to prepare for the upcoming winter season. Now is a good time to create an action list so you can prioritize your time and resources in these final landscape work days. The following listing is meant to give you some ideas or perhaps jog your memory as you complete your final preparations:

▪Have all irrigation/mosquito lines winterized. Freezing here can lead to costly repairs.
▪ Disconnect all garden hoses from exterior faucets. If you fear an extremely cold winter is coming, you may want to purchase a protective styrofoam “cup” designed to fit over your exterior faucet. It could prevent a busted water line during extreme cold conditions.
▪ Clean up all leaves. Left on the ground, heavy concentrations of leaves can kill grass and/or plant materials. If left on the ground under wet conditions, they can stain almost any flat surface – sometimes permanently.
▪ Leaves Part II – Gutters need to be cleaned also so that they flow properly through the winter season. A clogged gutter will hold water, which in turn can freeze solid under harsh conditions, potentially resulting in gutters completely ripping away from the house.
▪ Remove all debris and dead plant material from your landscape beds. This will ensure that your plant’s spring growth is not impeded by any extraneous elements. It also will give your landscape a nice clean look throughout the winter months.
▪ Should you have some plants that are pushing the plant zone envelope, you may want to apply an extra layer of mulch. This “insulation” will protect the plant should we encounter extreme conditions this winter.
▪ Check all your outdoor pots and verify that they will not crack if left out over the winter. Terra cotta pots are almost guaranteed to crack over a winter season. Rule of thumb is if you have a place to store them in the garage or outbuilding, go ahead and do it. They’ll be that much fresher in the spring.
▪ General rule: any exterior water feature or drainage way should be reviewed and proper action taken if needed. Fountains, ponds, pools, etc. all need a certain amount of attention prior to winter to assure that freezing water will not damage any part of the component.

By reviewing your property, you will surely begin to identify areas that need your attention. Being proactive now and addressing these fairly minor issues can prevent potentially major damage from occurring over a long harsh winter season.

Be prepared.

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