February Landscape Check List

Did you know that February thru March is an ideal time to trim and shape unruly evergreen trees and shrubs?  Evergreens that have become gangly or thin can be trimmed before new growth begins to emerge.    Trimming and/or pruning encourages renewed growth.  Plan now to remove old growth and/or diseased branches in order to allow sunlight to penetrate the interior and promote new shoot development.

Not to mention, “The Ides of March” are upon us.  It is time to think about planting that evergreen wind screen to provide privacy and buffer prevailing winds.

Call us if you would like for us to evaluate your evergreens to determine if they need heavy pruning or just a light trim or if you are interested in having an evergreen screen planted.

Figure 1.  Spring Grove Arborvitae hedge that serves Windbreak and provides privacy.



Figure 2.  Foster Holly Evergreen Tree in need of proper shaping/trimming  to prevent ice damage and improve aesthetics.






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