Irrigation Systems: Protecting Your Landscape Investment

Irrigation has been in use for centuries.  Channeling water through canal ways to supply water to otherwise desolate yet fertile soils that lacked only water to sustain life and/or produce crops.  Today’s irrigation systems are employed to deliver water to crops as well as residential and commercial landscapes.

Although we have had ample rainfall this year, you might want to consider investing in an irrigation system and/or revamping your existing system.  Irrigation systems are great tools to protect your landscape investment when weather conditions become hot and dry.  They can also take the worry out of “Who can I depend on to water my lawn and landscape while I am out of town?”

Today’s irrigation systems can be designed to water your lawn areas, landscape beds and even hanging baskets and flower pots.   Not to mention separate but similar systems have been designed to deliver a cool mist and/or provide a non-toxic mist for mosquito control thus making your “Outdoor Living Space” more enjoyable!

For those of you who have existing irrigation systems, you may want to have your systems’ coverage re-evaluated.  It is necessary to periodically check coverage areas that may be affected by maturing landscapes or replace or service irrigation heads that may become clogged and/or damaged.  Keep in mind good maintenance practices employed through a well maintained irrigation system result in more affective water conservation.

Today’s smart systems can even tell your system via GPS whether to water or not as they are linked to data from the local weather service, how cool is that!  Contact a designer at Dwyer DesignScapes (502) 243-3940 for more information regarding irrigation systems and/or mosquito control systems.

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