Michael Duncan

Michael Duncan, Landscape Designer

Michael received his Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Horticulture with an Emphasis in Landscape Design and a Business Minor from Eastern Kentucky University in 1986. Upon graduation, he went to work for a local Landscape Design Build Firm whereby he first met and worked under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Pat Dwyer.

After several years he embarked upon a new career path as an Environmental Scientist where he utilized his skills and horticultural knowledge in performing Phase I Real Estate Evaluations and Wetlands Delineations. He later acquired his real estate license and practiced as a full-time real estate agent in the Louisville metro area for 10 years. Michael continued working as a free-lance designer while maintaining contact with Mr. Dwyer until his rehire (a period of 15+ years).

Upon Mr. Dwyer’s invitation, Michael joined Dwyer DesignScapes in January of 2004. His decision to leave a successful real estate career and once again work for Mr. Dwyer was based on professionalism, strong company image and values established at Dwyer DesignScapes.

One of his special interest is gardening. Michael enjoys using his own garden and Koi pond to introduce new plant materials and to experiment with various plant combinations and textures, thus enabling him to apply first hand knowledge of gardens and water features when working with clients. Other interests include bowling, swimming and sports.

Michael enjoys working with his clients, many of whom have followed him through the years and continue to give him great referrals. Most importantly, Michael enjoys working with his peers and values the love and support of his close-knit family and his friends. Michael brings a unique point of view to the workplace with his variety of experience regarding his practice in the environmental and real estate industries.

He has contributed comments to the At Home Supplement of Business First titled “Taking Advantage of Shady Spots”, April 30, 2004, as well as “Garden Delights”, April 27, 2007, both by Marilyn Clark.